The Alien Camp (as named in the game files, and otherwise publicly known as the 'hippy' camp) is an area in Sandy Shores, Blaine County.

It's filled with hippies who are obsessed with aliens and UFOs, and the area itself is a large concrete art piece with references to UFOs, aliens, and hippy ideas like love and peace. The camp is based on real world Salvation Mountain, an art installation in Niland, California.


Two glyphs can be found at the hippy camp, one on each of the prominent hills found at the locations.


EYE + 3 Lines + Moon


Alien Camp Symbols 1
There are strange symbols that wrap around the hippie mound and other objects in the area.

Many theories about the markings have been speculated ranging from ciphered message to lunar time stamps / moon phases (Unconfirmed).

Wow! SignalEdit

Alien Camp Wow Signal 2
A reference to the Wow! signal can be found here. The Wow! signal is "6EQUJ5", a special signal that was received by SETI in real life that some believe could be proof of intelligent life.

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Alien Camp UFOEdit

Alien Camp Ufo Top

A "solid" UFO can be found hovering above the camp with FIB markings on it. Fly to the highest possible altitude

while hovering above the camp to see it. This UFO is identical to the one above Mt. Chiliad in appearance, but it has collission and will disable any air craft that travels too close to it. 

Image Gallery of the Alien CampEdit