Mount Chiliad is the largest mountain in San Andreas, located on the north western part of the island.

A major mystery surrounds the mountain, starting with a mural painted on the wall of the lift station at the mountain's peak. Glyphs can be found on the side of the mountain that seem to be instructions, leading the player to seeing a UFO while standing on the viewing platform at the mountain's peak at 3 AM while it's raining. (This requires 100% game completion)


Chiliad small

Location of Mt. Chiliad with summit emphasized.

Mount Chiliad is the largest and tallest mountain located in the game. It is located at the top end of the game map above the Alamo Sea, and below Paleto Bay. It occupies a large majority of the top of the map, and is nearly impossible to miss ingame.

A lift station in Paleto Bay can take you to its peak.

Viewing PlatformEdit

At the peak of the mountain is a viewing platform with two telescopes, and a board depicting southern San Andreas.

A red glyph can be found painted under the platform with what looks like an eye or a UFO.

On the back side of the platform, the words "Come back when your story is complete" can be found. This is referring to the 100% completion requirement in order to see any of the UFOs .


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The mural can be found in the lift station, down the hill from the viewing platform.

Ingame 512x512 texture(decal) for the mural with attached text for the viewing platform. Completely unedited.

On one of the walls in the lift station, a strange mural is hanging on the wall, depicting what is assumed to be Mount Chiliad, with an eye or UFO above it, and lightning in the air above it.

On the side of the mountain, boxes with X's are drawn with lines connecting them. On the bottom, three squares are drawn with what appear to be a UFO, an egg with a crack in it, and a stick figure with a jetpack .


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A total of 5 glyphs have been found on the side of Mount Chiliad. These glyphs seem to be instructions for how to get the UFO to appear at night in the rain, but two of the glyphs have unknown meanings.

2 - OL0IyQ0

The Rain Glyph

Rain Glyph

This glyph shows a picture of a rain cloud below an eye/UFO.

4 - HGT7Szn

The Moon Glyph

Moon Glyph

This glyph depicts a crescent moon below an eye/UFO, with three vertical dashes between them. It's assumed that the crescent moon stands for night, and the 3 dashes stand for 3 AM, which are both requirements to see the UFO at the mountain's peak.

It's also possible that the glyph is an instruction relating to the phases of the moon, but that has yet to be proven.

1 - rZyLCrF

The Mountain Glyph

Mountain Glyph

This glyph shows what seems to be a mountain, probably Mount Chiliad, with a zig-zagging path leading to its peak. At the top is a small box, which seems to be the lift station.

It's also possible that the glyph is depicting Mount Gordo instead, as Mount Gordo has a zig-zagging path and also has a building on its peak.

3 - HkmjSHu

Faded Glyph

Faded Glyph

The faded glyph is a plain eye/UFO with one side faded away. It looks like it's been worn away by the weather.

The meaning of this glyph is still unknown, but people have suggested it's referring to the Penris Building. No link has been found yet.

5 - 09gdVo4

Plain Glyph

Plain Glyph

The 5th glyph to be found, the plain glyph is just an eye/UFO. There's nothing significant about it. Its meaning us unknown, as well.